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Terra Lightfoot announces Summer UK tour dates

Terra Lightfoot London 2017

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Terra Lightfoot returns to the UK in June for a run of shows that include sets at Maverick Festival and a free show in London if you sign up which seems like a no-brainer. Her recent album 'Every Time My Mind Runs Wild' got great reviews including here at RGM. More about Terra Lightfoot and the complete tour dates follow:

Terra Lightfoot UK Tour Dates
June 30th - July 2nd - Maverick Festival, Suffolk
July 4th - Leaf, Liverpool
July 6th - Old Blue Last, London
July 9th - The Bluebird Cafe, Edinburgh

Whether you’re talking about her as a songwriter, guitarist or vocalist, one thing is indisputable: Hamilton’s Terra Lightfoot is a ferocious talent. Her songs tap into the raw emotion of hearts supercharged by love, lust, loneliness and temptation. Her playing melds expert finger-picking and distorted, hook-heavy melodies. And her elemental voice commands attention and awe, whether on slow-burning soul ballads or hard charging rock numbers.