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Amelia White brings the 'Rhythm of the Rain' to the UK for extensive tour

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American songwriter Amelia White will return to the UK for an extensive tour this summer that includes shows at Maverick Festival and London's Green Note. Amelia is touring in support of her 'Rhythm of the Rain' release which was co-written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Ben Glover. The songs took shape in the UK during her November 2016 UK tour, as she watched the BBC coverage of the election back home, so Amelia is very much looking forward to performing 'Rhythm of the Rain' in the UK. More about Amelia and those tour dates follow:

For many of these tour dates, Amelia’s band will include Americana UK Instrumentalist of the Year Tom Collison as well as Scott Warman.

Rhythm Of The Rain, co-written with Grammy Award winner Ben Glover, was initially released as a nine song album late in 2017 in the UK as an offering to that country for loving her songs and providing a kind of shelter from the tumult back home. That ocean of separation and her loneliness gave her the necessary distance to paint her picture of the shake-up. White uses observations images and melody to tell her stories. Music City Roots host and journalist Craig Havighurst wrote “her songs each have some fascinating crystalline shape that invites close attention and touch.”

What separates Amelia White from most other songwriters in the Americana genre is her detail. Like a short story writer steeped in the gothic humidity of the backroads, White illuminates the ordinary, the magic in the process of creating. She is a rock and roll soothsayer, an East Nashville Cassandra with an Americana gospel shout thicker than the paper-thin illusion of fame and money.