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Michelle Lewis will preview 'All That's Left' with run of European dates in September 2018

Michelle Lewis by Marc Blackwell.

Michelle Lewis by Marc Blackwell.

US folk-pop singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis has announced a run of UK/European shows for September 2018. Michelle will be previewing tracks from her upcoming album 'All That's Left' due October 19th. RGM readers with long memories should need no introduction to Michelle as we reviewed her excellent 'The Parts Of Us That Still Remain' back in 2014 (review). That was a lovely record so anticipation for 'All That's Left' is high. More about the album, those dates and the video for the first single from the album 'Push On' follows:

On her third studio album, All That’s Left, folk-pop singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis explores the far edges of joy and sadness. It’s a personal history served through loss and love. As she's grown as a songwriter so too has her ability to elevate a detail from anecdote to allegory. All That’s Left is an intense collection of ten tracks; a journey in transformation from regret to compassion. As she mourns loss, celebrates love, and confronts guilt, the album weaves an emotional journey, conveyed in vivid flashes of sorrow and garnished with comic turns of forbearance.

Michelle wrote this album with her ears open. ‘Scars’ explores a life story she learned about her grandmother only after losing her. Lyrics on ‘Please Don’t Go’ were words of comfort overheard during another period of great pain. “Sometimes the songs are already written, you just have to listen,” she said.

Interestingly, the album features a cover of ‘Dancing In The Dark’. “Years ago a friend gave me a copy of Nebraska. When I heard that album I realized that although Bruce Springsteen had been in front of a rock band for years, he's really a folk singer,” she said. “His songs are so relatable and heart wrenching.”

The album’s first single, ‘Push On’, is a duet co-written with Nashville singer-songwriter Robby Hecht. The song shares a timely message of determination, delivered in Michelle’s plaintive vocal style, both heart-warming and heartbreaking. “There are times in everyone's life when we feel like we can't go on, whether it's physically, mentally, or both. ’Push On' is about overcoming those everyday and long-term struggles we all have,” said Michelle.

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All That’s Left is a continuation of Michelle’s long-term collaboration with the production team of Anthony J. Resta (Duran Duran) and Karyadi Sutedja. Featured cello is played by Cameron Stone (Game of Thrones) and piano by Ruslan Sirota (Josh Groban).

Michelle Lewis · UK/European Tour · September 2018

Wed 5       Billericay                                  House Concert @ The Rectory
Thu 6        Queensbury, Bradford                  Black Dyke Mills
Fri 7          Sheffield                                   Nether Edge Bowling Club
Sat 8         Appleby Magna, Leics.                 Sir John Moore Foundation
Sun 9        Twickenham                             The Cabbage Patch Pub
Tue 11       Haarlem, Netherlands                    Café Lokaal
Wed 12      Ede, Netherlands                           Donkers House Concert
Thu 13       Gemert, Netherlands                      De Bunker
Fri 14        Antwerp, Belgium                        Simone's Kitchen

Sat 15        Solingen, Germany                      Private House Concert
Sun 16       Bonn, Germany                            Tannenbusch House
Tue 18       Norderstedt, Germany                  Music Star
Wed 19      Kiel, Germany                              Private House Concert
Thu 20       Kiel, Germany                              Prinz Willy
Fri 21         Lübeck, Germany                         Tonfink
Sat 22        Luckenwalde, Germany               Kulturzentrum Altes E-Werk
Tue 25       Halle, Germany                            Café Ludwig
Wed 26      Gefrees, Germany                        Konzertscheune @ Casa Cara
Thu 27       Langenhennersdorf, Germany      Kirche Langenhennersdorf
Fri 28         Dresden, Germany                       Tante Ju
Sat 29        Olbernhau, Germany                    Gasthof Dittmannsdorf
Sun 30       Chemnitz, Germany                      Gaststätte EigenARTig

About Michelle Lewis

There are sad songs, and uplifting songs. But more sad songs. For me, music is always more interesting the deeper you dig emotionally. My passion and my love is more centered in those sad, melancholy songs
— Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis by Marc Blackwell

Michelle Lewis by Marc Blackwell

Many performers live for applause. Michelle Lewis just wants to make you cry.

If that sounds like a lot of despair, it isn't. The sad songs leave you smiling. Her joyful songs leave you in tears. Yes, there is hardship and tragedy. No, Michelle Lewis is not depressed. As an artist, she lives for the paradox of the uplifting lament. Her sorrow is always a totem for love. Your tears flow for the strength of the bond not the pain of the fracture. This duality makes hers such a fascinating voice.

More polished than folk and more personal than pop, Michelle writes intensely visual songs with a gut punch of emotion. As a storyteller, she explores life's defining moments, juggling the immediacy of first-hand experience with the serenity of emotional wisdom. Her lyrics find beauty in sadness; her music is rich with melody. Intimate folk lyrics wash over a whirlpool of lush production.

Much of her catalogue interprets the events in her life, just don’t ask her who or when or why. But she’s always listening.

Hypnotic finger-style guitar melodies give away her Berklee College of Music education. Her fingers move swiftly and lightly over the guitar, an exacting technique applying all five fingers to plucking patterns that build immersive melodies. Her live shows contain an astonishing lack of strumming.

Michelle tours globally from her current home in Los Angeles, softly singing her heart out from Belgium to Wyoming. This autumn she'll tour her new full-length album, All That’s Left, through Europe and the US. She has been a regular at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and just across the river from her long-time home in Boston at Club Passim.

Michelle's first full-length album release, This Time Around, arrived in 2004. She has been a long-time collaborator with producer Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins), spanning their work on her EPs Broken (2009) and Paris (2011), her second full-length album, The Parts Of Us That Still Remain (2014), and her forthcoming album All That’s Left (2018).