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Write Like A Girl tour will showcase female UK country songwriters


Three up and coming female songwriters from the UK have banded together for the 'Write Like A Girl' tour coming soon to a venue near you in May 2018. The ladies in question are Emily Faye, Beth Keeping and Vic Allen who will be performing in a Nashville style writers round with a local artist sitting in with them at each stop on the tour (Liv Austin is pencilled in for the London date). The idea is to promote some of the excellent singer-songwriters that we have in the UK, so please try to get along to a show if you can as it looks like it'll be a great night. More info about the artists and those tour dates follow:

The three singer-songwriters met last year when they were writing in Nashville, USA. inspired by the craft of Nashville songwriters – and disheartened at the gender imbalance on the US country scene – Keeping, Faye and Allen decided to host a music tour to put female songwriters back on centre stage.

A quick glance at the Hot Country charts in the States shows the huge disparity between the number of high-selling male and female artists. But this issue runs much deeper than country music. A recent USC study showed that in the past 6 years only12% of songs in the Billboard Top 100 had a female songwriting credit. And back home on the UK live scene, last year on one night just 9% of live music acts were female-only (The Guardian, 2017).

We want to show that female writers have a unique voice to bring to the table. We also hope to create an environment where women celebrate each other’s talents and successes and cheer one another on
— Beth Keeping

Write Like A Girl is a new movement that aims to put female songwriting talent back in the spotlight – and inspire more women to pick up a pen or an instrument andcreate music. The Write Like A Girl tour begins in Vic Allen’s local town of Norwich on 9th May and finishes in London on 24th May.