In Faith - There's A Storm Coming (Album Review)

Do you want to have your faith in melodic hard rock restored? Well this might very well do the trick. In Faith are a UK trio that features guitarist Tony Marshall (Contagious /Pride / Vaughn), drummer Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse / Tainted Nation) and singer / bassist Pete Godfrey. Over the course of a two year period the trio have put together a striking slab of melodic hard rock that harks back to the classic late 80’s / early 90’s period all genre fans know and love.  You could quite happily file this alongside your Harem Scarem, Winger, Von Groove and Firehouse albums. A quite stunning combination of hard edged riffs, souring guitars and massive walls of harmony vocals this hits the spot. It’s easily the best thing I’ve heard since H.E.A.T. released ‘Address The Nation’.

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